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  • My son has been coming here for seven years, and his change is amazing!! Mr. Mostiler is an amazing mentor, example, and friend to these kids!! I recommend this TKD Studio HIGHLY!!!!

  • My son is very shy and hard to open up to people. We've finally decided to give martial arts a try through a friend's referral. Within a few a classes, we've noticed a huge change in him and how excited he was. He's already done things that was a major milestone- testing in front of people ALL BY HIMSELF! Confidence=priceless, thank you Cliff Mostiler!

  • Excellent instructors turning out excellent, well mannered, confident, respectful, and truly phenomenal martial artists in our children! My daughter Dyani is growing to be a great person and this school has so much to do with that. I've been impressed since day one, 3 years ago.

  • This is an excellent school with a variety of instructors who care about the students and their development in all areas of life! I highly recommend the programs here for all ages and physical abilities!

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