karate kid smiling from her success with instructor

Karate Teaches Adults and Kids Success in Life .. Step-by-Step.

Success in martial arts is one thing, but success in life is where a black belt truly shines.  Kicking, punching, blocking, etc. are all great for learning self-defense, staying fit, etc., but life lessons are the most important things to be taught.  To any part of life, there is a 6-step process.  Tiger Rock Martial Arts in Lawrenceville trains students constantly about this step-by-step system to achieving success in any arena, whether it be martial arts, academics, business, relationships, or even video games!  Here is what Tiger Rock Martial Arts teaches:

Step 1 — Set a goal.  Be specific about what you are trying to achieve.  Don’t just say, “I want to make a lot of money.”  Define it.  One person could make $250,000/yr, and the other could make $250million/yr.  Both can say that they “make a lot of money,” but their goals are very different.

Step 2 — Start small.  Realize, just like starting off with a white belt in martial arts, you must begin every journey toward your goal at the beginning.  An entry level teacher doesn’t get paid the same as the superintendent, and athletes don’t start off in the NBA, NFL, MLB, etc. when it’s their first time ever playing the sport!

Step 3 — Make a move that counts.  At some point, you have to do something above the ordinary routine if you are going to get noticed and begin making a name for yourself.  In martial arts, this may be testing, or competing, etc.  In life, this may be taking on additional responsibilities, sending someone flowers, or volunteering to lead a company event.

Step 4 — Stop and analyze.  After you make a move that counts, it will give you a result.  Maybe that result is something you wanted, or maybe that result is something that you didn’t want.  Perhaps you impressed your boss, or perhaps your idea disappointed your boss.  Perhaps you did well in competition, or perhaps you were easily defeated.  Regardless of the result, learn from it.  If you don’t stop an analyze, then you won’t know if it is a good idea to repeat what you did, or to go in a different direction.

Step 5 — Don’t get lazy!  Honestly, I think this is where most people fail in their journeys.  Once they analyze and figure out what they need to do, their next thought is often, “And I will get to that later.”  It’s surprising how often people figure out the secret to achievement and accomplishment, and then think to themselves, “Now that I know what to do, I will get around to doing it later.”  People feel a sense of satusfaction when they discover something, or figure something out.  However, this feeling is not to be confused with accomplishment.  If I tell you right now what tomorrow’s lottery numbers will be, you may feel comfortable knowing what they are, but you still have to take action and go buy a lottery ticket if you want to gain from that knowledge.

Step 6 — Go for it!  Once all the other factors are in place, and you have done the other steps successfully, it is time to reach for that goal.  Ask for that raise, apply for that new position, ask the love of your life to marry you!!

This is the basic system for success, and can be applied anywhere.  In addition, the students at Tiger Rock Martial Arts are taught a bonus step to super-success, which will be shared later.


About Cliff Mostiler:  Cliff is a sixth-degree black belt and master instructor.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, and Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.  In addition, Cliff has is Juris Doctorate of Law as an attorney, and is also a licensed realtor.  Cliff believes heavily in education, and the options and opportunities that education provides.  He has pursued teaching martial arts as his passion for over 20 years, and continues to serve his community every day.  If asked, Cliff will say, “I am a personal life coach for kids and adults.  I use martial arts as the tool to teach them, but this is far less about blocking, kicking, and punching, and far more about training for a successful life.” 

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